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ULV Sprayer

ULV Sprayer

Super low volume (ULV) utilization of pesticides has been characterized as splashing at a Volume Application Rate (VAR) of under 5 L/ha for field crops or under 50 L/ha for tree/shrub crops.[1] VARs of 0.25 – 2 l/ha are commonplace for aeronautical ULV application to woods or transitory vermin.

ULV splashing is a grounded showering strategy and stays the standard technique for grasshopper control with pesticides and is additionally generally utilized by cotton ranchers in focal southern and western Africa. ULV Sprayer, It has additionally been utilized in gigantic airborne splashing efforts against infection vectors, for example, the tse-tse fly.

ULV Sprayer

A significant advantage of ULV application is high work rate (for example numerous hectares can be treated in one day). It's anything but a decent choice assuming all (or a portion) of these conditions apply:


  • huge space of land to treat
  • fast reaction required
  • almost no water for making pesticide tank blends
  • calculated issues for provisions
  • troublesome territory: helpless admittance to target site


ULV hardware is intended to deliver tiny drops, in this manner guaranteeing even inclusion with low volumes. The hardware depends on airborne, air-shear (mistblowers, fumes gas sprayers) or even better, rotating spout techniques. An electrostatic charge might be applied to the beads to help their dissemination and impaction (on earthed targets), yet business gear is uncommon as of now.

The Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Sprayer

Ultra low volume (ULV) misting machines are cold hazing machines that utilization huge volumes of air at low pressing factors to change fluid into drops that are scattered into the air. This kind of misting machine can create minuscule beads with measurements going from 1–150 μm. ULV machines are utilized for applying pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sanitizers, and sanitizers among different synthetics. ULV Sprayer, The size of the drop is vital as every application has an ideal drop size. The ideal drop sizes are somewhere in the range of 5 and 20 μm for flying creepy crawlies, 20 to 40 μm for leaf nematodes and 30 to 50 μm for fungi. ULV Sprayer, Low volume alludes to the low volume of transporter liquid that is needed with these sorts of machines. The beads that are made are of such a little size that less transporter for the plan is needed to cover the necessary surface region. The most ideal approach to comprehend the idea of utilizing less plan to cover a bigger surface region is to take a gander at the numerical side of the scenario. For the situation where the width of a bead is diminished to a large portion of its unique size then the measure of drops that can be shaped from a similar volume of definition will increment eightfold. On the off chance that the drop width is decreased to 10 percent of its unique size, then, at that point the measure of drops that can be framed will build a thousandfold. In this manner the bead breadth decides the measure of drops that will form.

So, Ultra low volume misting machines comprises of a blower, a plan holding tank and in some gear a siphon. The machine can have an electric, battery or gas motor that drives the blower. The blower makes a low pressing factor region and powers air through the spout of the haze machine. Gaseous tension can be constrained by changing the motor speed. Detailing is conveyed through one or the other electric, stuff, FMI or Diaphragm siphon to convey the definition to the spout of the machine, or in other hardware it is conveyed through making a low pneumatic stress in the plan tank to compel the definition to the spout for simple application. ULV Sprayer, The spout of the machine has an unmistakable shape, which causes a whirling movement of the air stream. The movement is accomplished through a few fixed blades that power the air to pivot. The plan is conveyed to the air through a stock cylinder that is arranged in the focal point of the spout. The movement of the air shears the fluid detailing into minuscule beads and afterward scatters it into the atmosphere.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of ULV

The synthetics utilized in this sort of machine are more thought than the synthetic compounds utilized in other showering hardware, which likewise builds the killing productivity. ULV Sprayer, Different benefits of ULV moistening machines incorporates lower dangers of injury because of the haze cloud being almost undetectable, low volumes of transporter synthetic substances, lower application cost and low commotion levels. Unfavorable parts of these machines may incorporate longer application times, wind float, high convergences of dynamic fixings causing natural risks, and the prerequisite of higher specialized abilities for alignment of the machines.

ULV Sprayer Conclusion

ULV misting machines can be utilized in various businesses. A few applications incorporates bother control: mosquito control, bird control, farming applications, for example, grain stockpiling, sanitizer purposes like emergency clinics and labs, form control and surface decontamination. A particular application for ULV machines that have been well-informed is shielding avocado trees from various infections. The most widely recognized illnesses that these trees are inclined to experience the ill effects of incorporates Cercospora spot, anthracnose and stem-end rot. ULV Sprayer, The sicknesses influencing the avocado trees are constrained by applying high volume copper oxychloride fungicides to the trees. The first application strategies incorporated the utilization of a hand firearm sprayer. This procedure represented the issue of high run-off of the definition. The utilization of ULV machines for the use of the pesticide definition yielded in excess of 80% sound organic product that was liberated from Cercospora spot. These outcomes contrasted well and the customary strategy for utilizing a hand weapon sprayer. Another industry that have profited considerably from the innovation given by ULV hazing machines is the chicken business. This industry endures incredible misfortunes because of the litter creepy crawly and Aspergillus growths. ULV hazing machines offers incredible answers for kill both these nuisances in chicken houses.

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