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The Smarter, Safer, Easier Way to Clean

Take cleaning power and purity to a whole new level with the Pyuriti Eco One

The premier HOCl Disinfectant Generator with no capsules or subscriptions

Easier than making coffee, just add salt, water, and electricity

Customer Testimonials

During the pandemic I was spending a LOT of money on gallons of hypochlorous acid to sanitize my office. I found this machine to make it for pennies! All I needed was tap water, kosher salt and vinegar! The machine is so quiet and fast. I use this solution to sanitize all surfaces and even use it in my cold fogger machine!

Dr. Umemoto

I can use it to spray groceries, my work space, my clothing and shoes and even bought a misting bottle to 'scrub' the air when I feel extra anxious about the safety of the space. And then I started using it around my home too! My cats don't even notice it, and that's the point. I want to get one for everyone I love. Life changing.


This is a great machine. I have tested ph and ppm over the past 9 months and the generation is spot on and perfect. Mostly we use this for disinfecting the air in our dental office however great for traveling. You can't bring fluids (airports) but you can find a plug and water and you can once again keep you and your family safe. I'll purchase again if ever my generator fails !!

Alan Wolcott