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What Is ULV?

ULV is synonymous with ultra low volume and normally refers to electrical machines that generate cold mist formed by small droplets between 5-50 microns. What is ULV?, These cold mist generators are predominantly used for the application of disinfectants or insecticides due to their optimal droplet size when tacking germs and insects. In general, its applications include disinfection, biological and pest control.   It is generally said that ULV technology is better for the environment compared to the traditional method of thermal fogging. This is because thermal foggers tend to use a diesel / chemical mixture in order to achieve the ideal flash point. In addition to this, thermal foggers use gasoline engines that produce exhaust gases which is not ideal when fogging indoors. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of electric ULV fogging technology indoors, as they use electric motors, chemicals are not subject to combustion and you can quickly cover a large area with the minimum amount of chemical. ULV nebulizers can be used in home, office spaces, hospitals, warehouses, poultry farms, silos.   What Is The Diffrence Between ULV, Thermal-Fogging And Manual Fumigation? Sprayer: Sprayers traditional pressure, atomizers or knapsack sprayers reach insects less effectively than electric ULV nebulizers as spraying large drop sizes between 100-200 microns. Aside from the size of the droplets they produce, hand sprayers can be time consuming and labor intensive. Although the motorized versions spray faster, they are not suitable for indoor use as they leave surfaces very wet and produce exhaust fumes. Handheld sprayers are ideal when you need to spray nearby, in places like patios and gardens.   Thermal Nebulizers: Thermal sprays heat pesticides or disinfectants mixed with oil producing a very dense and visible mist made up of droplets of around 10 microns Thermal mist is ideal for use outdoors to combat disease and vector carriers, however, due to the size of small droplet they produce, their effectiveness against flying insects may be decreased compared to ULV. This is because flying insects can create a curtain of air with their wings enough to repel droplets on their way. This fogging method is not suitable for use in closed indoor spaces, due to the exhaust gases it produces and oil residue that it can leave behind.   DH30ULV anti-fog cold machines produce droplet sizes between 5-50 microns, which are known as the optimal mean volume diameter (VMD) to target germs and insects within their categories. Studies show that 20 micron droplet sizes are the perfect size and weight to effectively adhere to insect hairs. Drops of this size likewise float noticeable all around for around 10 minutes after application, arriving at the most distant spots where microorganisms, for example, infections can reside and flourish. Stay tuned to our website Superhealthylife for more updates and news. Read More: Benefits of HCLO in skin care