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How Hypochlorous Acid Works

The Dynamic Duo:

HOCl and MicrobeCare

HOCl: The Miracle Molecule in Action


The core of our business is based on Pyuriti Water, our proprietary HOCl formula that emulates the power of our own white blood cells. Our Electro-Pyur process allows us to combine salt, water, and electricity in an electrolytic cell to create shelf stable solutions that have dozens, if not hundreds, of uses. Imagine the power of lightning striking the ocean and you’ll begin to get an idea of how hypochlorous acid really captures lightning in a bottle.

HOCl is the chemical formula for hypochlorous acid, the same chemical our white blood cells produce to do their job. First created in a lab setting by humans nearly 200 years ago, HOCl has been running through our bodies for thousands of years. Now, for the first time in history shelf stable HOCl is ready for mass production to give people the power of their own immune systems. Our Electro-Pyur process splits the salt (NaCl) and the water (H2O) apart and they recombine to form HOCl, an incredibly versatile molecule that we discover new uses for on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis.

HOCl got its start in WWI as a wound disinfectant in field hospitals where it had to be made on site due to the short shelf life. Flash forward another hundred years and we are now able to deliver long lasting HOCl formulations that are the ultimate combination of safety and efficacy that deliver unparalleled results across countless industries from baby care and skincare to plant care and pet care. We like to say Mother Nature created HOCl, and humans perfected it, and now we’re bringing it to the world.

Best of all our Eco One countertop machine allows you to make unlimited amounts of your own Pyuriti Water using only water and salt so you’ll never find yourself running out of cleaning products again. No more refill worries or waste, just fresh Pyuriti Water on demand and ready to use. And it’s strong enough for the hospital yet safe enough for the home, so you can spray the day away with Pyuriti Water.

And because it is salt and water electrolyzed, after expiration Pyuriti Water simply degrades into salt water. Thus, it can be safely poured down any drain and will not harm the environment as it is 100% biodegradable.


Bring The Power Of Hypochlorous Acid To Your Home With Pyuriti Water!


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MicrobeCare: The Antimicrobial of the Future

MicrobeCare is a revolutionary product that fills in the gap that every disinfectant leaves behind. Disinfectants are great and all, but they only do their job when they are present in their liquid form. As soon as they dry, they stop killing harmful pathogens.

Say you arrive at a restaurant and a waiter goes to clean off a table for you. After clearing any dishes and silverware and the like, they’ll come back with a bottle that likely contains bleach sanitizing solution or a toxic quaternary ammonia cleaner. They then spray down the table with a toxic poison and wipe it somewhat dry. Most of those disinfectants have a dwell time of 10 minutes, which restaurants frequently, if not always, ignore.

MicrobeCare is a liquid that you can spray on virtually any surface to give it a protective force-field like persistent antimicrobial barrier that lasts for a year. Imagine that same restaurant treats all their tables with MicrobeCare and then even while you’re sitting at the table talking with your friends the table itself is inhibiting the growth of the harmful pathogens that are landing on the table from aerosols and droplets.

MicrobeCare can help protect tables, chairs, countertops, desks, door handles, clothing, toys, blankets, and much more. Virtually anywhere you could use an antimicrobial shield is the perfect place for MicrobeCare. And it only requires a once a year application to deliver relentless antimicrobial power. Best of all, with its biostatic kill mechanism, MicrobeCare delivers a physical rather than chemical kill, meaning it won’t lead to microbial resistance, thereby reducing the rise of powerful superbugs.

No one else has the powerful 1-2 punch of HOCl and MicrobeCare. Once an hour with Pyuriti Water and once a year with MicrobeCare is all the cleaning power you’ll need to keep your home, office, school, or business cleaner than ever before.