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The Correct Use Of Disinfectants

The Correct Use Of Disinfectants

When we want things to be really sanitized, we must take into account the following factors. The correct use of disinfectants, Next we are going to indicate the points to take into account:


General principle

As a universal standard for using disinfectants, you must have the right tools to do the job correctly, otherwise the effectiveness of these products will be limited. Also in the worst case, germs can become stronger and resistant to disinfectants. For this reason you have to be cautious and careful. There are disinfectants that are specifically designed to fight bacteria and have a limited effect against viruses (limited viricidal) and others that fight a wide variety of viruses (viricidal)


3 Basic Rules

For an optimal application of disinfectants, there are three fundamental rules:


  1. Moisten Everything

Disinfectants work only where they are applied. There are surfaces that must be sprayed thoroughly to clean them. Even hollow objects must be dipped in a disinfectant solution.

If cleaning products don't get everywhere, nothing can be done. The only option is to remove the dirt prior to disinfection, the best option being the use of water to do it.


  1. Action time

Disinfectants work only for a certain time. Some germs are very resistant. The ingredients need a specific time to act and unfold their effects. Therefore, the times indicated on the labels for each disinfectant product must be followed.

Depending on the type of disinfectant, the indications will be different. Please check them before using them.


  1. Correct dose

Disinfectants are effective but using the proper dosage. There are concentrated solutions and non-concentrated solutions, ready to be used. Concentrated disinfectants must be pre-diluted before being used. If too low a dose is used, the disinfectant will not be effective. If the concentration is too high, a film will form or the surface may be damaged by abrasive ingredients.

 The Correct Use Of Disinfectants


Additional tips

Now that you know the basic disinfection rules, we are going to give you some additional recommendations.


Date of Expiry

Most disinfectants have an expiration date. If you use the product after this date has passed, it is not safe. Please check it before using any disinfectant.


Where to dispose of disinfectant products?

Please throw the disinfectants in the trash designated for them. These products are not flushed down the sink or toilet because they are highly polluting. You will do great harm to the environment.

To reduce the environmental impact, we recommend that you use ecological disinfectants, such as the ones we have at Biolindo. It is the perfect alternative!


Paper towels

When cleaning with disinfectants, it is best to do it with paper towels. These can be easily removed after cleaning. If you still use cloths, wash them immediately after using them, at least 60º.

Do not use the same cloths to clean different rooms in the house (kitchen, bathroom, toilet). This can help spread germs further.

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