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Deep Cleaning At Home With SuperHealthyLife

Deep Cleaning At Home With SuperHealthyLife Cleaning, on many occasions, is the key to keeping our things in good condition and making them last much longer. Deep Cleaning At Home With SuperHealthyLife, Normally, when we clean the home we do it in a general way, but it is recommended that every so often we do a deep cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust, bacteria and why not, things that we no longer need.   If you think that your house already needs a large-scale cleaning, then the first thing you should do is choose a day in the week, preferably a weekend, so that you can spend the whole day going through each corner of the home as it should. And then, follow the tips from our cleaning experts at The Home Depot to make your home sparkle. Ready?   Cleaning basics Being a cleaning that involves all areas of the home, the ideal is to go through spaces so as not to have chaos throughout the house and preferably leave the heaviest at the beginning. To get to those areas where we do not clean commonly, such as inside drawers and shelves, it is best to take everything out little by little, clean the area and put it back. A large amount of dust also accumulates behind the furniture, so we recommend moving it to reach every corner of the home. To clean objects and drawers, mix soapy water and a splash of bleach in a bucket. Dampen a cloth with the cleaning mixture and have a clean one handy to dry. Don't forget to rinse them every so often! Take advantage of the fact that you will empty different areas to throw away what is no longer useful, donate what is still useful, but no longer use, and save only what is necessary. To clean the floors, sweep as usual and then in a bucket, make the same mixture that you use to mop regularly, such as water with detergent, but this time includes a splash of bleach.   Tips from the experts Once you have cleaned the home in a general way, although more thoroughly, it is time to move on to remove those stains that only give headaches.   Gleaming rugs and armchairs Carpets in homes are usually the pebble in the shoe for many people, since it is not as easy to clean them as ceramic floors, but for everything there is a solution and the best thing is that you will not need a vacuum cleaner. Here is what you have to do:   Sweep it with a completely clean broom to remove the first traces of dust. Mix liquid soap with hot water and place it in a spray bottle to spray it in areas. With a bristle brush, clean the spaces that you moistened with the steamer and let it dry naturally. For deep stains, or if your carpet is already very dirty, mix with hot water and white vinegar.   Armchairs, especially those made of fabric, are other objects in the home that tend to get dirty due to their constant use and more if you have pets. To make them look like new again, we tell you the easiest way to achieve it using homemade products. First you have to remove the hair or accumulated crumbs by placing a latex glove on your hand and moistening the part of the palm and then passing your hand over the chair. You will see how all the waste is lifted. Mix a liter of warm water with a glass of white vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. Dampen a lint-free cloth without saturating it with liquid and wipe the entire chair using circular motions and let it dry. Give priority to stains, but don't forget to run the mixture all over the chair to make it even.   Disappears black lines in grouts Over time, the bond between tiles on the floor tends to darken, making the space look dirty. The advantage is that the solution to leave them as new is simpler than you think. All you need is chlorinated water and a clean broom.   Mix water with a splash of bleach or white vinegar. Pour it into the tile, letting it rest for 10 to 15 minutes. After that time, scrub the seams with the broom to loosen the dirt. Rinse the floor with the mop mixture and you are done.   Goodbye to tartar in the bathrooms Due to the components of the water, it is common that after a certain time you find scale in different parts of the bathroom, but removing it will not take long.   Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water. Pour it on the tartar areas, letting it rest for 10 to 15 minutes. For areas like the shower head or faucets, place the mixture in a plastic bag to cover the pieces and let them sit. Rinse with light scrubbing to finish loosening the tartar.   Transparent windows To make a house shine we cannot forget the windows. Because they are in contact with the outside, they tend to stain, which causes that when cleaning them as usual, they do not remain or look as clean as we would like, but there is a solution for everything.   Mix hot water with white vinegar. For every liter of water add 1/3 of vinegar. Dampen a cloth or newspaper to give it more shine and not to scratch. Clean the window and let it dry. If the window is very dirty, you can first use a porous sponge and clean from top to bottom or vertically.   In order not to neglect the curtains and that everything is clean, we share how to clean them. Remove window shades and shake to remove dust. Check the wash label for all the details. Wool, cotton, and sheer fabrics like lace usually need to be hand washed. Mix cold water with detergent in a large bucket or in the sink, preferably dishwasher safe. Tuck in each piece of curtain separately and let it soak for 10 minutes. Stir to remove residue before removing. Empty the sink or bucket and refill it with clean, cold water. Repeat the process to rinse the curtains. Place them back on the window to dry naturally and without damaging their shape. Put a towel underneath so that it absorbs the water that the curtains remove when they dry. Remember that being large pieces of fabric it is normal that they take a day or two to dry completely.   With these recommendations you can successfully achieve that deep cleaning at home that was needed. Stay tuned to our website Superhealthylife for more updates and news. Read More: Commercial Cleaning With SuperHealthyLife