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How To Disinfect The Gyms In This Pandemic

How To Disinfect The Gyms In This Pandemic In this article we are going to discuss How to disinfect the gyms in this pandemic and sports centers and the benefits of doing it with ozone.   How to disinfect and eliminate bad odors in gyms? Index: Introduction Problems Advantages and benefits Solution   How to disinfect and eliminate bad odors in gyms and sports centers? Keeping sports facilities free of odors and germs is our goal. For sports facilities, sports centers or gyms , having a system that allows continuous disinfection is essential , that is, elimination of fungi, viruses and bacteria in the presence of people, in addition to eradicating odors by maintaining a clean, fresh and pure. The disinfection and avoid unpleasant odors or nitrogen compounds derived from sweating and physical activity are some of the advantages and benefits that we offer our customers with this solution.   Frequent problems In any enclosed area, be it a gym or an electrostimulation center , there are generalized risks due to the tasks inherent to the premises and that compromise the quality of breathable air in certain areas, which may lead to the situation that the greatest risk for those who attend the local is simply the act of breathing. The biological contamination can, in certain cases, cause a delicate health situation . As for the type of microorganisms that can be, both on surfaces and in the air, bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa are counted.   In this regard, it must be taken into account that gyms and wellness centers support a huge influx of people. This, together with the elevated body temperature, the continuous changes of devices, the little protection of the skin that is in contact with the surfaces, the proximity to other users or the need for energetic inhalations are factors that multiply the risk of contamination with respect to other places also very crowded. Thus, the continuous influx of users together with their long hours, implies a greater risk of contagion, without forgetting the dissatisfaction that bad smells can generate in said users.   On the other hand, the existence of false ceilings is one more risk factor, as it can be a reservoir of a high microbiological load, which leads to the systematic re-contamination of the environment and surfaces. One more point to take into account is that, even with well-dimensioned ventilation systems, air quality can be affected with respect to the supply of sufficient oxygen for the user who performs an activity in more or less extreme conditions.   Advantages and benefits of using of disenfectants Through the correct use of technology, the following results can be achieved:   Continuous and systematic disinfection of the air of the air conditioning systems (elimination of bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores), avoiding infections and diseases of the respiratory system. Reduction of electrostatic gradients in the air and the annoyances they cause. Total or partial destruction of environmental chemical pollutants that deteriorate the organoleptic characteristics of the air (causing bad odors). Elimination of waste substances emitted into the air by users (CO and CO 2 ). Restoration of air quality by eliminating the feeling of charged air. In summary: the perfect control over the residual levels of ozone in the breathing air allows us to use a highly effective disinfectant without unwanted effects on the people who occupy the gymnasium rooms, greatly avoiding the risk of contagion and improving the air quality, not only in terms of microbiological levels, but also in terms of unpleasant odors and charged environments, providing healthy, clean and fresh air. Stay tuned to our website Superhealthylife for more updates and news. Read More: How to clean and disinfect your restaurant against COVID-19