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How To Prepare A Cleaning And Disinfection Plan?

How To Prepare A Cleaning And Disinfection Plan? To develop a Cleaning and Disinfection Plan, we must first make an inventory of all the equipment and utensils that are in the factory and that therefore must be cleaned. How yo repare a cleaning and disinfection plan?, Take inventory of all factory equipment and utensils that need to be cleaned For each of the inventoried equipment and utensils, the nature of the materials and the dirt deposited on them must be evaluated, the risk level must be assessed, the appropriate detergent and disinfectant selected, a cleaning and disinfection protocol drawn up, and a control sheet.   In short, these are the steps to follow for each equipment or utensil: Evaluation of dirt and materials. It consists of knowing and evaluating the chemical composition of the dirt that is deposited on a certain equipment as well as the nature of the material from which said equipment is made. Both things, type of dirt and material, will determine the choice of products that we must apply for cleaning and disinfection (that is, they will determine step 3) Evaluation of the level of risk and choice of the type of protocol: it consists of assigning a level of risk to the equipment in question. Depending on the level of risk assigned, we will decide the type of cleaning and disinfection protocol that we must apply. There are two types of protocols: 5-step protocols and 7-step protocols. A single product is used in a 5-step protocol that has both detergent and disinfectant properties. In a 7-step protocol, a detergent is applied first and then a disinfectant. Choice of products, methods and application tools. We consult catalogs of several commercial houses and we choose based on the data obtained in step 1 (type of dirt and type of material) the products with which we are going to clean and disinfect. From these same catalogs we take the necessary data to prepare the complete protocol. Preparation of the Cleaning and Disinfection protocol (Work Instruction). From the same catalogs we take the necessary data to prepare the complete protocol. These data are fundamentally: concentration to which the product should be applied, contact time, form of rinsing and material used to apply the product Preparation of Control records. Finally, we must prepare a control sheet in which it is recorded daily that this equipment has been cleaned and disinfected and that it has been reviewed. In these sheets there is normally a section for the signature of the person who has cleaned and another for the signature of the person who has supervised. It also has a section for recording incidents. Stay tuned to our website Superhealthylife for more updates and news. Read More: How to do cleaning and disinfection of your home