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How To Clean And Disinfect Your Restaurant Against COVID-19

How To Clean And Disinfect Your Restaurant Against COVID-19 With regard to the cleaning of hotel establishments , due to the serious situation in which we find ourselves, How to clean and disinfect your restaurant against COVID-19, this is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against the new coronavirus COVID-19. In this article we are going to leave you all the cleaning and disinfection tips , as well as the obligations required by the government for cleaning a hospitality business.   All the data that we have left you in the mega-guide to prepare for the reopening of your hotel business have been extracted  from  BOE-A-2020-4791  or from the  draft Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality  (ICTE) on the measures for the reduction of hygienic-sanitary risks against COVID-19.   Cleaning plan in hospitality The hotel establishment must adapt its cleaning and disinfection plan taking into account the analysis of risks identified in the spread and contamination by COVID-19. The government and the ICTE require that the following guidelines be established in this cleaning plan , as a minimum :   Carry out a cleaning and disinfection procedure that includes the following facilities and all the elements present in them: Goods reception area. Kitchen room Here it should be cleaned every time a customer passes by, and especially at times of high influx. Food collection area for home delivery and take away food. Living room. Changing rooms, lockers areas and toilets. Use , by cleaning staff, personal protective equipment in accordance with the product safety data sheet. At a minimum, they should wear hygienic masks and gloves . Carry out, before the establishment is opened for the first time, a thorough cleaning and disinfection using virucidal products authorized by the Ministry of Health. This can be done by the worker or employer himself, leaving in writing the disinfection work he has carried out and the products used (they must have the technical and safety data sheets for them). You can also hire a specialized and authorized company to clean and disinfect the restaurant. As long as you provide a certificate of the tasks that the workers of the same have carried out, who has carried them out and what products they have used.   Include in the APPC plan and / or increase the daily frequencies of cleaning and revisions, especially in the areas of greater contact (surfaces, knobs, sinks, taps, handles, elevators, doors, table surfaces, toilet flush button, barriers protection, climate control, letters and menus, POS, cash, dataphones, etc.). For this, a multipurpose solution for disinfection is great.   Use disinfectant cleaning products authorized by the Ministry according to the technical and safety data sheets of the product. Identify cleaning tools and isolate them in your work area, ensuring that cross contamination does not occur. Ensure that the disinfection process of the dishes and cutlery is carried out at temperatures above 80ºC (dishwasher). Clean and disinfect utensils (tongs, ice machine paddles, cocktail utensils, ice cream spoons, etc.) according to the provisions of HACCP. Keep cloths and scourers sanitized at all times and change them periodically. You should avoid using cloths using in any case paper single - use or disposable cloths . Single-use paper rolls must be placed in the appropriate roll holder . Catalog with products to meet reopening regulations All products to meet the established standards. With PVP prices, quantities, minimum orders ...   Cleaning and disinfection of transport vehicles If you have your own transport with vans, cars, motorcycles or another type of vehicle, these must be included in the cleaning and disinfection plan. This plan must consider the exterior and interior of the vehicle, the drawers of the motorcycles, etc. In the same way, all transport elements (boxes and isothermal bags, backpacks, trolleys, helmets, etc.) must be properly cleaned and disinfected .   Textile cleaning The establishment must determine, depending on the characteristics and type of textile (uniforms, chair upholstery ...), the type of cleaning to be applied and its frequency of washing. In any case, it will be carried out at a temperature> 60º . The use of table linen and textile napkins is totally discouraged . The government recommends the use of single-use tablecloths and napkins that are disposed of immediately after use. Stay tuned to our website Superhealthylife for more updates and news. Read More: Skin care with Super Healthy Life