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How To Get Super Healthy

How To Get Super Healthy Did you know that being a healthy person depends on five factors? Are you one of those who think that by having a few extra kilos you are not healthy? Forget myths and learn much more about mental, physical and emotional health to become a better person and train on 10 habits that will make you a healthy person inside and out. Today in the Super Healthy Life, we focus on recovering the healthy life that we are losing with stress, lack of time and lack of organization What do we mean by being healthy? If we accept the definition of the word offered by the Royal Academy of the Language , a healthy person is one who enjoys perfect health as an adjective, or also has the meaning of "free from error or vice, straight , morally or psychologically healthy ”. This means that to consider ourselves healthy we must go far beyond preconceived ideas such as eating a balanced diet, staying at normal weight or being athletes. How to get super healthy, Being a healthy person also has an emotional, psychological and social component that many times in adulthood, people tend to forget or despise. In short, to lead a healthy life we ​​must be clear that we must be serious about monitoring the following issues:   1-. Balance diet In the Hero Blog we have previously talked about how to lead a healthy life nutritionally thanks to the experience provided by our Nutrition Institute . We have explained that it is not about stopping eating any food group and that the key is in moderation and knowing how to choose when to eat what.   2-. Exercise Not being sedentary is the basic pillar. To be an athletic person, you do not need to prepare for triathlons, but it is a matter of perseverance. It is more beneficial for cardiovascular health for a person to walk for an hour every day than to go for a run just once a week. How to get super healthy, The exercise must be adapted to the capacity of each individual, his age, physical form and weight. Even if you don't like sports, there are always guidelines that can be done without getting tired. You will be surprised when you read what simple habits you can adopt in this matter to double the physical exercise that is done each week.   3-. Emotional health It is one of the most important pillars within this vertex multimeter to be healthy. The concept of 'being well with oneself', feeling happy, fulfilled, cheerful and maintaining good communication and affection relations with the environment help a lot in this matter. Developing behaviors based on empathy , assertiveness or affection generate emotional health. Attentive to our habits for emotional health that you have below. They will change your life!   4-. Psychosocial health Loneliness and its psychological effects are one of the workhorses, along with work stress that most affect the psychosocial health of people in the XXI century. How to get super healthy, The increasingly individualistic and competitive tendency of adults means that many of them live in a psychological and social loneliness, sometimes chosen, sometimes imposed and other times unconscious that ends up affecting the person. Learning to live together, and to enjoy the company and the personality of others will help the individual to develop a self committed to their environment.   5-. Physical Health Staying analytically healthy, of course, is important to leading a healthy life. Having good hormonal levels, and normal levels of sugar, cholesterol or approaching our ideal weight is essential to also feel in good health. Check with your GP how you are physically to start feeling better. Do you think there are too many open fronts? Do not worry, it is a matter (like almost everything in life) of creating healthy habits with which, almost without realizing it, you can keep your body, mind and heart healthy. How to get super healthy, At Hero, we work to provide healthy and balanced food so that the nutritional part is more than covered, but… How do you create these habits?   Habit 1: Plan your meals and dinners throughout the week. Don't leave it to chance First important habit to improve the point related to balanced diet. Don't leave meals to chance. Plan the menu for each day with pencil and paper and make sure you buy the right ingredients for those meals and only that. Leave out of the shopping cart all those foods that do not contribute anything but problems. Not sure how to schedule your daily meals? There, Hero can help you. Consult our APP of healthy and balanced recipes , or our Chef's Pairing recipe book to prepare your menus from Monday to Saturday quickly and without forgetting. What is easy?   Habit 2: Walk every day. Sometimes what seems like a little effort is what keeps us fit. Do not plan complicated physical activities. Play it safe and basic. Walk an hour a day at a good pace. Impose that habit and see its benefits . How to get super healthy, As extras you can already plan spinning, running, or Cross Fit exercises , but remember. The basics in the end is what counts. It is useless to plan great sporting activities if they are not fulfilled .   Habit 3: Mobile hours ON / OFF Choose three hours a day in which you do not touch your mobile phone or instant messaging services. How to get super healthy, Three hours a day (only 3) in which any distraction or activity will be good. Sounds silly, right? Well, you will be surprised for two reasons: The first, because it will cost more work than you imagine. The second because you will begin to regain healthy habits such as talking, reading, cooking ...   Habit 4: Why not watch a series together? Look for series or movies to watch as a family at least once a week. Nowadays you can not only go to the video store, but you can also use online platforms that are on-demand video stores so that without leaving your home you can search for films or series suitable for your audience. How to get super healthy, Share audiovisual culture with your partner, your children or your friends. Make the conversations about the series or movie flow, and take the opportunity to get to know those around you better.   Habit 5: Cook recipes, surprise your loved ones One of the simplest, healthiest and most stress-free habits out there is being able to spend time in the kitchen. How to get super healthy, If you like to cook, treat yourself to one day a week so you can become a chef and cook for yourself or your family. Stay tuned to our website Super Healthy Life for more informations!