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Benefits Of Hiring a Space Disinfection Service

The disinfection and cleaning have become a safety measure that may prevent the spread of the COVID-19. When talking about viruses and bacteria, disinfection service, it is best to follow hygiene practices and follow the instructions provided by official sources of Health. The key to considerably reducing the spread of this virus is disinfection along with good cleaning, both for the home and for businesses, offices, factories, restaurants, etc. A curious fact about the disinfectant products that you find on the market is that they are good but not good enough, this is due to their low residual value, that is, their effect lasts for a very short time. If in your family or a collaborator of your business it is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 we can help you to disinfect and sanitize your facilities. The following reasons that we share with you are merged as preventive control solutions for any living or work space.   Deep and professional cleaning Did you know that a surface that is not properly cleaned or disinfected constantly can lead to an increase in bacteria of up to 31% per day. Not to mention that there are areas that can commonly go unnoticed and are not cleaned, such as door knobs, sink handles, among other areas that can spread any virus to members of the home or the work area. The service that are important and includes a plan established by the WHO (World Health Organization) includes:   Disinfection of all common areas. Cleaning windows, frames, doors, blinds, railings, tables, chairs and any furniture that could be a source of contagion. Reduced risk of infection Due to the current contingency, the risks of contagion are increasing, so it is very important to clean and disinfect all objects and surfaces that come into contact with electronic devices, common and household equipment. In short, sanitation can be of great help to prevent the spread of any virus, since it eliminates 99% of bacteria and fungi, including the Coronavirus (COVID-19).   Security and trust of shared spaces It is important to constantly disinfect common objects such as copiers, printers, refrigerators, computers, lockers, handrails, among others. This is where the disinfection service in offices, companies and restaurants comes in, reaching the deepest corners for proper sanitation.   Fast and efficient procedure Carrying out disinfection treatments for large surfaces is fast and safe, with the aim that the facilities are ready to return to their operational mode as soon as possible. The substances we use gain access to deep areas where the cleaning products you find on the market do not reach.   Reduces the risk of a possible pest The pests usually allies dirt and disorder, therefore one service disinfection and cleaning deep well mitigate the presence of viruses and bacteria, it is also an excellent choice to avoid the appearance of tenants unwanted as rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, among others. Hiring a disinfection service for the home, restaurants, businesses, industry, medical spaces and services in general, is a responsible action with which the spread of viruses, fungi and bacteria can be reduced. The health and well-being of your family and work team comes first. Stay tuned to our website Superhealthylife for more updates and news. Read More: What is ULV?