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How To Live A Pure Life

How To Live A Pure Life

Considering being more active? Have you been trying to cut down on less healthy foods? Are you starting to eat better and move more but have a hard time sticking with these changes?

Old propensities are difficult to break. Pure life, Changing propensities is a cycle that includes a few phases. Once in a while transforming changes into new propensities sets aside time, and you could confront deterrents en route.

Embracing new and better propensities can shield you from genuine medical conditions like stoutness and diabetes. Pure life, New propensities, like good dieting and customary actual work, can likewise help you control your weight and have more energy. Sooner or later, on the off chance that you stay with these changes, they can turn out to be important for your every day schedule.

The following information describes four stages you might go through when changing your health-related habits or behavior. Pure life, You'll also find tips to help you improve your diet, exercise habits, and general health. The four stages are: 



  • Reflection
  • Preparation
  • Action
  • Maintenance

What stage of change are you in?

Reflection: "I'm thinking about it."

In this early stage, you are thinking about change and motivated to get started.

 how to live a pure life

You could be in this stage if:

  • Have been thinking about a change but are not ready to start
  • You think your health, energy level, or general well-being will improve if you develop new habits
  • Not sure how to deal with obstacles that could prevent change
  • Preparation: "I have decided to take action on the matter."

In this second stage, you are making plans and thinking of specific ideas that will work for you.


You could be in this stage if:

  • You have decided that you are going to change and are ready to take action
  • You have set some specific goals that you would like to meet
  • You are preparing to put your plan into action
  • Action: "I have started to make changes."

In this third stage, you are acting according to your plan and making the changes you set out to achieve.


You could be in this stage if:

  • You have been making changes to your diet, physical activity, and other behaviors in the past 6 months
  • You are adjusting to how you feel by eating healthier, being more active, and making other changes, such as getting more sleep or reducing screen time
  • You have been trying to overcome things that sometimes block your success
  • Maintenance: "I have a new routine."

In this last stage, he has gotten used to his changes and has kept them for more than 6 months.


You could be in this stage if:

  • Your changes have become a normal part of your routine
  • Have found creative ways to stick to their routine
  • Has made mistakes and had setbacks but has been able to overcome them and progress
  • Did you find your stage of change? Read on for ideas on what you can do next.


Reflection: Are you thinking of making changes?

Taking the leap from thinking about change to taking action can be difficult and takes time. It may help to ask yourself what are the advantages (benefits) and disadvantages (things that get in the way) of changing your habits. Pure life, How would your life improve if you made some changes?

Think about how the benefits of a healthy diet or regular physical activity might be related to your overall health. For example, suppose your blood glucose, or sugar, is slightly high, and one of your parents or siblings has type 2 diabetes . This means that you, too, could develop type 2 diabetes. Pure life,  You may find that it is easier to be physically active and eat healthy knowing that this can help you control your blood glucose and protect you from serious illness.

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