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Benefits of HClO in skin care

What is hypochlorous acid?

The hypochlorous acid (HClO) provides great benefits of HCLO in skin care and is a substance naturally created by our white blood cells acting as the first line of defense of the body against bacteria, irritation and lesions.


This disinfectant is commonly used because of its powerful action against bacteria, fungi and viruses and it is one of the only few cleaning agents available that is non-toxic to humans and, at the same time, is lethal to bacteria and viruses. Most dangerous that threaten our health.

So it is not surprising that the extremely versatile ingredient is used in different ways. Hypochlorous acid (HClO) provides great benefits in skin care, but is also widely used in healthcare, the food industry, and even to treat swimming pool water .


Benefits of HClO on the skin

The skin receives enormous benefits. Hypochlorous acid's antimicrobial effects make it useful for fighting acne and skin infections; It is also anti-inflammatory, soothing, repairs damaged skin, and accelerates wound healing.

In short, it is a great option for acne sufferers, as well as those dealing with chronic inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis .

Because hypochlorous acid is naturally found inside the immune system, it is an non-irritating and excellent ingredient for sensitive skin.

Benefits of HClO in skin care

How does hypochlorous acid work against COVID-19?

The EPA “Environmental Protection Agency, ” recently added the ingredient to its official list of effective disinfectants that helps fight coronavirus. There will be many more non-toxic cleaning products that contain hypochlorous acid now that this has happened.

It's also worth noting that the hypochlorous acid found in skin care products, cleansers, and even operating rooms is all the same; just that the concentrations vary.

The lowest concentrations are generally used for wound healing, the highest for disinfection, and topical formulations fall somewhere in between.


The HClO provides many benefits in skin care and can be effective during the pandemic that sanitizes the skin surface and helps reduce skin conditions exacerbated by the use of face masks.


How should hypochlorous acid be used?

In addition to making it a staple in their cleaning protocol, they point out that it is a much less harmful and non-toxic alternative to chlorine bleach.

It is important to note that to take advantage of HClO's sanitizing ability, the ingredient concentration must be 50 parts per million (ppm), higher than that found in topical products.

Therefore, it should not be assumed that simply spraying your face will automatically kill any persistent coronavirus. And of course, the use of hypochlorous acid on the skin is not an alternative to the recommended protective measures, such as the use of face masks, social distancing and regular hand washing.

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