Pyuriti Pulse Handheld Fogger / Sprayer

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While our Pyuriti Water Universal Cleaner helps to keep hard, non-porous surfaces clean, for soft and porous surfaces, like carpet, upholstery, and vinyl, you need to use vector tech ULV fogger technology to ensure that the mist will properly adhere to any surface you aim it at.

Using a quick and easy ULV fogging process that’s safe on contact for people, animals, and more, the Pyuriti Pulse creates a mist so fine that it won't even curl paper, making it ideal for cleaning any facility in mere minutes.

This helps to ensure that the Pyuriti Pulse is doing as much as possible to keep you healthy and safe when paired with your disinfectant of choice to kill germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

And, as a hand held ULV fogger, we’ve not only made the Pyuriti Pulse simpler to move from place to place, but also lighter weight so that it’s easy for anyone to use without stress on muscles and joints.

Perfect for small apartments, mom and pop restaurants, two bedroom homes, single room offices, and other smaller locations, the Pyuriti Pulse combined with your favorite disinfectant helps to make the spread of infections and illness as difficult as possible.

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