Pyuriti Power Pulse Backpack ULV Fogger

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Make the largest disinfection and cleaning jobs easier and more efficient with the Pyuriti Power Pulse Backpack ULV Fogger!

Covering up to 60,000 square feet per tank, the Pyuriti Power Pulse uses vector tech ULV fogging technology to create mist so fine that it won't even curl paper.

The Pyuriti Power Pulse creates an ultra fine mist cloud that covers a footprint of 4' x 15' for maximum coverage, even in hard to reach corners with absolutely no exhaust or waste of the solution!

Simply fog and walk away while allowing your disinfectant of choice to air dry in just minutes for top results.

And, because the Pyuriti Power Pulse Backpack is battery powered, you can move from room to room as needed without the wires and plugs! 


  • 1 hr recharge time for battery
  • Li-Ion battery recharges from standard wall outlets, simply plug it in and wait for the full charge!
  • No Exhaust! No Fumes! No emissions!
  • Nozzle is fully regulated to adjust flow rate (from 0 gallons/hr to 5.2 gallons/hr) and particle size (5-50 micron)
  • Flexible hose to make spraying around corners easier
  • Translucent tank for easier refill recognition

Directions for Use

  1. Detach the tank from the backpack.
  2. Fill tank with cleanser or disinfectant of choice.
  3. Reattach tank. 
  4. Attach battery. 
  5. Turn on Pyuriti Power Pulse Backpack
  6. Allow fog to spread evenly across all surfaces being careful to avoid stepping on areas where the solution has been applied previously. 
  7. Continue spraying until correct surfaces have been covered lightly. 
  8. Move on to the next room or location and let the mist air dry without any harmful residue or fumes

Directions for Charging Battery

  1. Unplug the Li-Ion battery from the Pyuriti Power Pulse
  2. Plug battery into a standard wall socket
  3. Wait for one hour
  4. Battery will be fully charged and ready to go for another round of cleaning & disinfection!



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