Pyuriti Mist Hand & Face Refresher (1.67 oz)




Protect and hydrate your skin at home or on the go with Pyuriti Hand Sanitizer! 

1.67 oz – Our 1.67 oz version comes in a small spray bottle that fits easily into your pocket with a cap for easy use whenever you need it, even on airplanes and other public places.

By combining and bonding salt and water through a process known as electrolysis, we’re able to create versions of our bodies’ natural reactions to infections. And, in weaker solutions, we can use these same products as safe to use sprays to help protect our skin from dehydration and damage.

Simply spray on your hands, arms, legs when your skin feels dry, whether after workouts, time spent in the sun, or any time you need to hydrate to help protect your skin. Pyuriti Mist is so safe, you can even close your eyes and apply it to your face to help keep yourself looking moisturized!

Easy to use! Just spray enough of the Pyuriti Mist to cover your dry skin areas and then wait for it to air dry, leaving behind silky smoothness!

When empty, the bottle is 100% recyclable, meaning not only does this product make the environment safe for you, but is safe for the environment, too! `

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