Pyuriti Water Universal Cleaner (2oz) - 2 pack




Make your home or office cleaner than ever before with Pyuriti Water!

2 oz – Perfect for on the go situations including air travel where you may encounter several dirty high touch surfaces, our 2 oz bottle is small enough to meet TSA standards for you to bring in on a carry on so that you can still keep things clean even when traveling.

Simple to use, our Pyuriti Water just needs to be sprayed and left alone to air dry in order to take effect. 

And, it’s also so effective that it can be used similarly as a degreaser on those hard to clean surfaces like ovens, stoves, or anywhere else the grime has collected simply by emulating the cleaning power of our own white blood cells

Simply spray, walk away, and let the degreaser go to work before wiping the surface clean and then reapply the Pyuriti Water and let it air dry for maximum protection against grime and to leave the surface as clean as the day it was made

Pyuriti Water is a powerful yet non-toxic, non-flammable, eco-friendly solution for all your cleaning needs!

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