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Every disinfectant has a major weakness: They only kill while they're wet.

As soon as your disinfectant dries, even if it's an amazing HOCL disinfectant, it no longer delivers any killing power, so germs can start to build back up immediately.

As soon as you sit down at a restaurant after they clean the table, it's open season for aerosols and droplets to cover your table in a variety of dangerous pathogens.

For all of human history, this problem had only one solution: continuously disinfect the table, which isn't exactly ideal for any scenario where people are trying to enjoy themselves.

Now for the first time ever, there is one solution to solve this problem one and for all: MicrobeCare!

MicrobeCare is a truly innovative and groundbreaking antimicrobial product that requires only a single annual application to deliver non-stop, relentless germ killing power that last for a year.

That's right, now you can have 24/7/365 cleaning power on virtually any surface you need it for!

When applied to a surface, MicrobeCare forms a virtually irremovable bond with the surface, creating a semi-permanent force field barrier that keeps germs from growing and keeping your surfaces as clean as possible no matter what you throw at them.

What's more, it pairs perfectly with HOCL products to deliver maximum cleaning power. So use Pyuriti once an hour and MicrobeCare once a year and you'll be at the forefront of safe and effective non-toxic cleaning!


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