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EcoloxTech/Pyuriti Eco One Hypochlorous Acid Generator

Use to pay in installments up to 36 months with as little as 0% interest
Free Shipping for Orders Over $50
Forget about toxic disinfectants and the extra cost to your grocery & shopping bills when it comes to replace them! 

Now, you can make the world's best non-toxic disinfectant right from the comfort of your kitchen, office, or anywhere countertop with the Ecoloxtech/Pyuriti Eco One!

The Eco One creates stabilized Hypochlorous Acid, your body's own natural immune response system, with nothing more than salt, water, and electricity - meaning that it's entirely non-toxic for people and animals of ALL ages and more cost efficient & effective than not just toxic chemical sprays, but also other hypochlorous acid generators that lack the same stability and results. 

What Makes The Ecoloxtech/Pyuriti Eco One Different From Other HOCL Makers?
  1. Unlike Other Hypochlorous Acid Generators We Don't Require Tablets - Which are not only more costly over the long run, but also don't provide the same stability or dilution as what is claimed as opposed to naturally mimicking your body's immune system which is already made up of salt, water, and electricity - the exact same ingredients that are needed for the Eco One to create HOCl. 

  2. Titanium Quality - Our electrolysis cell, which is required to make stable hypochlorous acid is made with top grade titanium, which helps to ensure that you can continue to make your own HOCl from anywhere for longer than other devices that use lower quality alloys which deteriorate quickly to the point where they may not even be creating hypochlorous acid, making the Eco One, the highest quality and most cost efficient HOCL generator around.
  3. No Other HOCL Maker Can Make The Same Concentrations With The Same Lifetime At Lower Costs - Beyond the Titanium Cell, other similar hypochlorous acid generators will often require more amounts of salt to even come close to our HOCl concentrations, and to go beyond the CDC recommended concentration, will quickly erode due to the quality of material. 

    With the Eco One, you can spend less money on additional products and less time worrying about germs and bacteria on surfaces that can help lead to the spread of diseases and other illnesses.  

Oh, and did we mention that the Ecoloxtech/Pyuriti Eco One is entirely self-cleaning?!?!

That's right!

No special requirements for maintenance and with regular usage, it can last up to 10 years!

Just make the hypochlorous acid, transfer it to a spray bottle (we recommend HDPE or PET plastic to ensure the everything is kept stabilized), and when you're ready for another round, just make another without having to buy any specialized accessories or parts!

Get the most stabilized, highest quality, and most cost efficient hypochlorous acid generator at the lowest prices with the Eco One today!

Generating Your Preferred Hypochlorous Acid Concentrations

For skin and surface applications, generate the HOCl strengths you need right from your own countertops anywhere with the Eco One:

Up to 200 ppm:

40 ppm in 3 minutes on Setting 1

60 ppm in 5 minutes on Setting 2

100 ppm in 8 minutes on Setting 3

200 ppm in 16 minutes on Setting 3

Looking for more concentration on high contact surfaces? 

If you need higher than 200 ppm, just bring the initial concentration up to that level and run on setting 3. 

Each additional 8 minutes on setting 3 adds an additional 80 ppm to your hypochlorous acid solution!

          Orders generally take up to 1-2 business days before they leave our warehouse, which is open from 9am – 5pm pst, Monday through Friday. Learn more about shipping.

          EcoloxTech/Pyuriti Eco One Hypochlorous Acid Generator

          Use to pay in installments up to 36 months with as little as 0% interest
          Free Shipping for Orders Over $50